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Food Snapshot

Food To Die For

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Anton Declan and I am the producer for this show Welcome to this special recording of ‘Food to Die for’. Now, as a radio audience, you will have to listen carefully to each scene as it unfolds and make up your minds as to who committed the terrible crime you are about to witness. You will have some help on the way. On some occasions the Detective will speak directly to you, but mostly it is down to you to listen and draw your own conclusions.


The Full Story

Radio Drama Group met for the first time in June. The group planned to find its first radio script from the creative writing talent within the local community. If you have a piece that would adapt to radio, or you would like to write a play that should be no more than 30 minutes long, please get in touch with us through our website, or join us at our next meeting at the Radio Studio in Jubilee Park, Rendlesham. We operate as a members' club, and we're always keen to attract new faces to our organisation, whether on or off air.


We aim to produce an inclusive and varied program, with shows ranging from Shakespeare and classic dramas to modern comedies and new writing, with perhaps a musical and a couple of family shows for good measure.


There's plenty of opportunity for everyone, not just on the mic. but also behind the scenes where you can learn about script writing, sound production, sound effects management and directing. We also need members to run the admin office and the members' club.

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