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Hi, How about the
100 Club

         endlesham Radio is born and bred in the heart of Suffolk. Our

         team are your friends, colleagues and neighbours. We walk the same streets, drink in the same pubs and shop in the same shops. Made by local people for local people. Joining our 100 Club helps towards the running cost of your very own local radio station and gives you a good chance of winning cash prizes every month. 


100 Club
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Why should I ?

           endlesham Radio is a station for Central Suffolk and, importantly, one made in Suffolk. Everything we do comes from our               studios in Rendlesham.

We currently broadcast online, but with your support, we will be applying for a DAB local license which will make us even more accessible to thousands more listeners

The big difference joining our 100 Club 50% of the monthly subscription goes toward the monthly winnings and 50% of the revenue we make goes back into the station. From the technical infrastructure to developing our people and online creativity - however, please don't confuse the word 'community' with 'amateur'. We're certainly not playing at radio - many of our staff have worked in the entertainment industry and for some of the biggest commercial radio brands in the UK. Others have almost two decades of experience in their field - and they bring that expertise to the station day in, and day out. 


The rules and our bank details here

Here are all the rules and regs. with our bank details for your subscription. It cost £3 per month or to make life easier for us join for the whole year and get a discounted annual fee of £30. Let us know if you have question by the contact form below.

Here is the sign up pack including the rules and regulations please complete and email to : 

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