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Who are we

Rendlesham Radio 

Rendlesham Radio is always looking at new ways to become an integral part of community life from providing information and entertainment. The station has developed with so much more to offer than popular music. Every week we produce radio shows, showcasing the best in modern music covering all musical tastes from Jazz, and classical to remixes. But that’s still not enough, you have asked for more information so we give you a great selection of talk shows and audiobooks and our own radio dramas.

The Project


There are many community benefits using the radio station at the core of new projects designed to engage with young people, provide digital training, and reduce social isolation. We believe the project can be used to develop community cohesion, particularly with the engagement of young people, in a work-related training project and help people currently not able to use computers. 

Youth Provision


Rendlesham Rock School aims to reach those who may be struggling after the pandemic as well as unearthing some incredible hidden local talent. Young performers explore their potential in performing arts, Young people are encouraged to express the challenges they face and to tell their stories through their chosen art form. Rendlesham Rock School mentors, drawn from the world of music, arts and culture will work with the young people to develop their talents and showcase them in annual awards events. The 1-2-1 and small group mentoring throughout the creative process helps to instil a sense of pride, provide a positive activity focus and build confidence, all of which contribute to improved educational achievement, behaviours, and social attitudes.

Tea & Tech with our

Digital Champions

We live in an increasingly online world, but many people in our community remain digitally excluded. They may not be able to access the internet, or they may not have the skills or confidence to use technology or access online services. 

Being digitally excluded makes life harder. But we can help people understand how to use the internet to access information, and to help them develop the digital skills they need to use technology to interact with the world around them.

We run a digital support service and access to computers at our Studio in Jubilee Park. We offer free access to our computers and support from our volunteers to gain confidence and digital competency when using tablets, smartphones and computers. We can also help you improve your digital skills, set up emails, build a CV, and work towards finding employment.

Video Editing Station
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