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Tanya Swarbrick

Tanya is a Trauma-Informed Somatic Emotional Health Coach and Breathwork Facilitator, helping people-pleasers, and anyone still influenced by Trauma, find the freedom to live their best lives.


After 30+ years of personal struggle and yo-yo dieting, she has become free herself, through intentional work.  She had 3 years of experience Mentoring Women with Eating Disorders before seeking certifications from Hungry for Happiness and Pause.  Then she blended this with her life experience to become a wise, empathetic somatic coach.


Her approach is dynamic and different.  Working with her means being held up to your best version and being supported every step of the way to get there.  She is fun, bright, caring and fierce taking her role as a coach seriously, allowing you to be safe, heard, empowered and lifted up to the mirror.


Past Clients have said she blends strength with humour to bring insightful moments and massive shifts.


Tanya is so generous and hilarious that coaching with her will be an entertaining & heart-centred experience.  Her personal trauma & struggles make her honest, real & easy to connect with. The deepest, most controversial subjects are easy for her to tackle.  Coaching is her passion & life-experience is her superpower.  

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